[Free] Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView


Well… Thanks :joy: though I didn’t get it.
(But these seems like encouraging words)


yes sure, cause you can’t say just “good luck”, it brings bad luck, we say this :joy::joy:


thanks, this solved my problem


Dear, Team
how to text All?



Please read sample code carefully which would tell you the answer :smile:


really great job, thanks for share it


How to


Not possible to text that, it’s supposed to be a picture there. You really should do as @ColinTree says, read the How to use section provided in the link he gave you…
Here’s examples:


Hi I am trying to retreive data from mysql. There is a list of 5 exercises, but just one is displayed. What am I doing wrong? In the picture I set in label1 all the content of my webpage and below it I set the ColinTreeListView




Is it possible to add two more extra button ?


Use Add instead of Set please :wink:


You can modify from the source code on Github and then compile a special version for yourself if you need.


Thanks for replying. Sorry to say that I don’t know java language :disappointed:


Thanks. I was able to retrieve the data as explained. But it is not showing the entire line. Is it possible to show the complete line? Sometimes it will be 1 or 2 or maybe 3.


is it possible to add another sub text?


can we make more than 1 row of secondary text?


I don’t know I believe no but ask the developer directly.


hello @ColinTree

I apologize for not speak English correctly. I downloaded your extension for a personal project and it has been very useful, thank you very much!
I want to share the new elements that I have added to the extension:

  • Text color for all ExtraButton

  • Separate text color for each ExtraButton in the list

  • Independent background image for each extrabutton in the list

I send you a warm greeting from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


ColinTree.zip (176.9 KB)
cn.colintree.aix.ColinTreeListView.aix (49.7 KB)
example_colortext2 example_colortext3



hello , i want ask if it is possible to make an second extra button. because this will open some new features for us. i would spend you 5 dollar if you can make this. And maybe set the ath to online url ´, so we dont need to download img for the elements of the list. Thank you


Can you tell me how to set a list will load 5 at first and 1 by one as scrooling down