[Free] Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView


The list must be empty when it is initialized, and I’m not sure about what you want it behaves.
BTW, for GetElement, please use ColinTreeListViewElement.GetValue instead.


Actually, i want to do "when .elementclick store value & when this screen initialize next time i want hide storage clickable .elementclick.
hope u understand now…now help me how can i do that…:kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


want hide storage clickable .element


I think you are trying to remove a list item from the list permanently here. If so, you should remove items from the list instead of just remove it from the listview.

BTW, I didn’t see you put any data into the listview here?



@User81 please help me with some screenshot of blocks
help me please…:clap::clap:


Try removing things from list in TinyDB, instead of ColinTreeListView


@ColinTree Is it possible to change the text of each ExtraButtonText? I mean that they are different, not all the same.


Nope, sorry.


Let’s move to a PM then. We have a long conversation here.


Just a quick Thank you For ColinTreeListView. My App now looks much better for it!


i need youtube channel listing extrantion
please help me


Hi friends,
I parse list from json api. Looks like crashing in long lists. I tested with a list of 50 items. Any solution?


any tweaks for better performance?
Listview is lagging a bit when scrolling up & down. Elementheight is 50, I have an icon and text.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Android 7.0.
The in-built ListviewCustom of Appybuilder is better performing, smoother scrolling.


Hi, is there a way to avoid the storage permission? I dont need to read images from my device and I have to avoid any kind of permission.

Thanks & congrats for this great work!


awesome thanks colinTree


Please reduce the size of images. Thanks.


You may need a special version like this:
unzip this.zip (48.1 KB)


hi colin, are you still working on the listview generator?


Not currently… I got an exam these days.
Will start to work on programming stuffs like one month later.


in the bottom of the whale, then!