[Free] Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView


Looks complicated :joy: , are you requiring a customized listview?


This is about the data format, please just try to adapt it with the structure required here. Thanks for understanding!


This was set to deprecated, since I would recommend everyone to use static method in ColinTreeListViewElement.
May be I need to state this more clearly or change a way to do this…


It was reported that some times the click event still have some problems. But it should work after the last fix. :smile:


you mean this one??





:disappointed_relieved: :sweat_smile::man_shrugging:


but can it do so, put the data in a listview and when clicking get the data and put in the colintreelistview?


Ahh finally I see what you mean above :sweat_smile: Sorry about that.
You must be talking about a record filter here. And any SQL would be very useful here if you dont want to implement the filter yourself.

But implementing one using Thunkable is still doable for us.
You can use a loop to go through all the records, and compare the textbox value, spinner selection value with each record, and add them into ColinTreeListView if they matched up


show me pls


the block


Hello I created a list view and how to do action after clicking that elements of list view


You can find events for these


please help me Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView Help


@ColinTree can you show example How to do This ( loading dynamics data ) to your custom listview like in @Ashraf_Rezk post


Hi there!
You can actually find a property for async image loading in ColinTreeListView.
See https://aix.colintree.cn/en/extensions/ColinTreeListView.html#properties
Thanks! :wink:


@ColinTree i mean exmaple of using Remote and dynamics data ( like firebase / other backend )


Just fill in the url like https://sample.com/not-exist.jpg into the place where the pic url should be. And it would load it automatically.


i mean how to put dynamic s DATA into your listview, because we don’t know what are data will be …,

I successfully put Airtable column with Get Column into your listview but how to put another column content ( in same Row ) for Subtext , im feeling very confuse


Please provide an example so that I can understand you issue here more clearly
Thanks :wink: