[Free] Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView


Not yet :blush: it is kinda big project


Sorry that they are not designed to be individual


well good, i’ll wait for the extension, not need in this precise moment!


It’s a pity. Can control ExtraButton image individually could have many uses.

  • Update on 2018.7.27 (Version 10):

  • Update on 2018.3.10 (Version 9):

    • Fixed Error of Visiblility
    • Added ClearCache(path) & ClearAllCache() – still in test, it should works


Hi Colin, we wanted to know how many list numbers the extension supports. Since in our application we have a list of 197 elements and the application stops. What is the maximum that can be adhered?
Thank you!


Again, I did not limit to the number of the items, but the device memory and the system does. Too many images would lead to a OutOfMemory error which is inevitable.


Yo llegué a mostrar en una app, reduciendo el tamaño de las imágenes, unas 200. Pero ya fallaba en algunos teléfonos. Pero para asegurar que cualquier móvil de 1GB de RAM te aguanta bien, limítate a 100 registros.


In fact, some phone cannot even hold 100 images…


Oh! Ok Thanks


Si con 110 elementos me andaba bien, pero si 100 es suficiente.


Si no, la única opción es cambiar de componente que haga algo similar o meter un webview con carga por javascript.


@ColinTree thank you for your extension. I have a quenstion, can i set extrabuttonenabled=true for only one element in a list?


Yo tengo más de 200 y si tarda un poco en cargar! Pero tengo imágenes prediseñadas y no llegan ni a los 4kb talvez!

Y también uso lo que mencionas el webviewer con carga mediante js, esto te da la posibilidad de hacer tu list view más modificable!


I put the first column a TEXTE BOX, the second one spinner of selection. I am wanting that when selecting in the spinner a value of column 2 and typing in the texte box a value of column 1, will appear automatically list in the colintreelistview are the data of each line where you have exactly this data that I put in texte box (1) and selected in spinner (2) that exists in the database.
look the image

olha a imagem



How do we set this up using the csv file? I have searched on this forum, but haven’t found anything about it. Can anyone pls help me?


Every time I open the project image is disabled. Why??
My blocks btw have no errors at all… Also I am using the latest v.10.

This problem has been mentioned already by another member…

Thanks in advance!!


is it now fully support AppyBuilder or Makeroid?


Also added Makeroid aia file


Sorry that it couldn’t…