[Free] Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView


Do you have any example of this? Thank you


Thanks, But I tried in AppyBuilder and faced some click area issues, then I prepared this video in Thunkable which is working fine with Firebase auto category and value system.


Oh, yes there is another problem that the images or labels in some platforms had already handled the Click event, so the listview cannot catch that event.

This problem is quite hard to fix, but I will try when I got time.

Recorded in: https://github.com/OpenSourceAIX/ColinTreeListView/issues/2


@ColinTree, I have perceived that the limit of the list is 70. Is that right? If the number is higher than 70 the app crashes.


this is dependent on the available memory of your device and the width/height of the images you are displaying in your list



Yes, Taifun is right. If the images used up all the memory, the app would crash what ever the item amount is.


I have got a list of 200 elements with 3Gb RAM, but coworkers have got 300+ with more RAM memory


Hi, I just started using your extension and just wanted to say it looks great!

I have one small issue though - when I have an icon in the list it seems to be distorted (squished). (Original image height was bigger than width.) Is there a way to make it look with normal proportions?

For example by setting height to 50px and width to auto?


See this


Ahh, thanks! - I guess I missed that earlier.

One more question though. I know that it’s possible to for example have an action take place when clicking on the icon or on the element. Is it possible to for example have a text field appear under the selected element when clicking on it?

I know I could put one under or above the list. But I wonder if it’s possible to have it appear inside the list.

One more thing … I now have it set up that when you click the element the color changes for that element. However I would like to reverse it when you click on it again.

I tried to check that if color = red => set color to white.
The problem is it seems that it always thinks the color is white. (I think it is because when you click the button it shortly changes to white color and then back to red)


Hi, again. More issues.

Some images in list appears in grey color. I tested this in several phones (more than 6 phones) and this behavior occurs in a few phones.

Even if they uninstall the app and reinstall it, the elements in gray remain grays. What’s happening?


Did you check your photo path? This may caused by an error of image not found


I’m having the same problem


Hi, Are you using platforms other than thunkable? It should works well on it.


I am using appybuilder


Yes that is why… Appybuilder added a click event for labels so the listview cannot handle click events since they have already being handled.


Hi, when I click in a extrabutton I want change extrabutton image.

If I set image onlick extrabutton into ColinTreeListView component, this option changes all images.
If I looking for set image onclick extrabutton into ColinTreeListViewElement, this option doens’t exist.

How I change image of one element?


hi my friend colin, is the listview generator ready?


Why open project this block is disable ?


Hi It is because i considered these are deprecated as we got ColinTreeListViewElement now