[Free] Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView


Thank u Colin. And thanks for your custom list view . It will not be possible without you.Thanks once again.

I have not found a solution to this problem. .How can we change the text color of the clicked listview item.
Thank you

Hello, how did you use a horizontal scroll? In the section of Spoof videos or Comedy videos

i using Extensions v9. some area not click

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Hi Colin, great extension! I´m trying to reuse the same component in more than one vertical scroll arrangement. It works well except that if the first use has, for instance, 10 elements in the list, when I load the second list, the first 10 elements are not present in the list view. This is how I reset the list before switching uses:


and when the Web component returns GotText, I set the listview with a loop of AddElement procedures:

any ideas on how to avoid the problem? Maybe Remove item by item… but as I can´t get the list size, I should save it in a variable when loading it.

Thanks and congrats on a great extension!


Hi. I have a lot of images in a colintreelistview (+100) and each image have around 10-30Kb

Can I, in some way, load part of the list, and when I do scroll they load at the same time?

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Here is a video and aia file of this Colin List View which is linked with firebase data.

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Sorry that i was away from thunkable community for such a long time…

Is anyone still got problems here?

This extension has been open sourced on github.

Issues & Pull Requests welcomed

Hi… this is not working for me (the red one .text and .subtext)

Oh I got the solution

That is one of the solution, you can also link the element first and then use ColinTreeListViewElement.Text property.

its great … please i want how can i link list elements to other screans… please help help me

Hi, I try load 300+ rows from MySQL. Yesterday I had less rows, but today I have 300+. My app freezes and launch error. I attach the error.

Thanks for your reply, is it now fully support with Makeroid and AppyBuilder? means the proper alignment and clicks area etc.

I think it may not allow you to link across screens…

This is an OutOfMemory error, caused by a list that is too long (if you got images for it)

It should be fine unless some default value of properties are changed there.

Yes, that’s what I was thinking.

Can I avoid that in any way? Can I make pages from colintreelistview or can I show the images step by step?

It is up to you in fact, you may need to divide it into pages