[Free] Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView

Don’t need to :smile:
New version on the way

New version released~

  • Update on 2018.1.31 (Version 5):
    • Added icon text related properties
    • Added lastClickedElement & lastClickedIcon

Thank you for the advise & requirement @Ali_Aydin @solo



Hey @ColinTree . Your work is awesome! From my point of view, you are only a few steps away from a perfect material design listview. I’m sure you know Googles guidelines for listview: https://material.io/guidelines/components/lists.html#

This would fill a huge gap, because the normal listview component is very pure.

keep on thunking,

there are date mistek Last update 2017.12.30 (v5) ?

may I make a little suggestion: the LastClickedElement (nice to have this!) counts the first entry in the list as “0” (=zero). I list the entries also in a list variable, and there my first element index is 1, an the “0” is reserved for not in list.
But this is only a very little thing and I am comfort with doing an easy workaround. :wink:

EDIT: Actually the RemoveElement Component needs a “1” for removing the first element. So I always use a Math block: [LastClickedElement + 1] :+1:

ah and FontSize for Text and Subtext is limited to a maximum of 14… so I have to buy the custom version :smile:


I use image.png||number but its not work

Did you check IconMultiParam?

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Will fix later, i was hurrry to catch th
he plane :joy:

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Sure, thanks

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I’m using your extension for a side menu, and there’s this problem: Clicking on the element does not work, it only works if you click on or under the element. Click on the perfect tah icon.

I tried to do everything I could on the property but I did not get a solution.

Can you help me?

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Oh ı miss it i will try again

Did you upgrade the extension? That maybe a old one. If the problem still there, please tell me :pray:

Thanks work perfectly

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Yes, I’m using v5.

Okay… Which side menu you are using?

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I’m using Vertical Arrangement. there is no other extension attached to the process, the question there, would be that I am using only the icon and the title. Then for some reason click the word does not perform any action, except by clicking on the places of the screeshot that I sent.

I tested the extension without being on the side menu the same thing happens.

I’ve just tried your new update and the LastclickedElement works perfectly. Thank you very much for this wonderful extension @ColinTree

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@ColinTree I had the same problem when I used the extension on appybuilder but it works without problems on thunkable.

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Well, that is so weird…


Got new idea about unclickable labels. Is the label component there got a Click event?