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I am developing an apk for updating customer data but without internet access. It works like this: it reads a csv file and stores it in a TinyDB. But when I try to load the csv file into TinyDB the application hangs on a black screen. Can anyone help me with a different solution or a way to excuse this loading of csv to TinyDB?

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Is there any faster way to load songs with this?
Whenever app starts it loads songs and take time but after it loads then moving and coming back to original list doesnt take time and just refreshes for additional songs…is it possible to save list when app loads for first time and it just refreshes for addtional songs whenever it is opened later on?

I tried tiny db also but loading from it also takes same time…

@ColinTree After Launching a new update of my app, some users mentioned on the review area that my app didn’t have any content because the Custom Listview didn’t display. I didn’t change anything related to the Custom Listview in the new update and the problem is that the Listview doesn’t display only on some devices that’s why I don’t know what to do to fix this problem. Can you help me solve this issue, please?

Hi Sir,

Can u share this list view block or aia.

icon as a text.


Are the numbers text numbers or images, I need to display the ID numbers of a database?

Check my previus messages.You can find information on it .I removed this code block so i cant share it.

Automatic “Element Height”.
If it is possible? please suggest.

Is it possible add swipe to delete animation for list item?

Please any help with this


1- we do not have access to your code
2- we do not know what you did that was incorrect with your logic

You have an empty list. Put at least 4 things in it before selecting the 4th item.


i would like to know if you can access each extrabuttons or all the same ?


you cant do it each… it should be all same, i think that impossible for now in this extension…since each items have not specific ID but only an arrangements index


i would like to know if your modifications are included in the extension or we have to use the java file you gave in the zip file ?


Hi, not sure if this has been asked before, but is there a way to expand/collapse the different items by clicking on them? So that I can show more text.

Hello, tell me please, is it possible to add additional labels (SubTitle-2 and SubTitle-3) if yes then please show the blocks, Thanks


Just read the first post, there is also a link to his website where all blocks and possibilities are described.

hello, can the colin listview have columns format?
I have 3 different info on the same line which are never stored.
thank you

how to create a extra button please ?

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I have search on conversation below but did not get the answer.
Is about element click. It only worked on first element but rest wont work. below is my block.

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