[Free] Create Buttons, Labels, TextBoxes, Images, Sliders by code. New font. Vertical Slider


Gracias por la idea Juan Antonio! creo que si entiendo bien la extensión no serían necesarios los layouts


Hey thanks for the extension , its really great. but can you please add an option to change text color and background color of buttons as well. it would be really helpful. thankks a lot


I’ll try that.


Excellent expansion, many thanks for the work.
Pictures and background in the button I got using the transparency of the color in the label. It would be important to use relative sizes in% for compatibility on devices. Is it possible to solve this problem? And a long click :slight_smile:


I am using Firebase realtime database. I want to list all values as labels… I am able to list them too but only last value being displayed not all items

I know about “lists” and I also checked

But cant figure out how to make a list from values from firebase tag list.

Any help?


Try create TextBox by code:


Is it posible, to put the image from sdcard? i`m writing the text “/Download/scandb/Pic/46172778.jpg” in the picture parametr then create KIO4_CreateView1.image

Sorry i found. Need to write FULL path name to picture.


OK @Alexy_Stepenov



maravilloso trabajo e increíble la disposicion que tienes para ayudar.

lo voy a probar, pero quería preguntarte si puede funcionar para distribuir imagesprites dentro de un canvas?


Gracias @luk2009, esta extensión no crea ImagesSriptes.
This extension does not create ImagesSprites.


Hello do you have any Idea how to get a View like www.CoinMarketCap.com where you have all the Crypto Coins and their Prices in a List like on the Page. They have a API where you can get all Coins with all their Infors like prices in a JSON list but i dont know how to work with that and JSON. Can you help me pls. I will make a donation.


i create various textbox and buttons, but in 4 different layout.
how can i delete those elements using the block “remove view”? i have to specify an arrangement, but there are vaious arrangements


Specify number or arrangement


maybe i didn’t understand.

i have 4 different layout, in which i create some view

so i have something like that

horizontal arrangement1
button, button, button

horizontal arrangement2
button, button, button

horizontal arrangement3
button, button, button

horizontal arrangement4
button, button, button

when i click a button a want to delete that button and the other button near.
so, the arrangements are 4, in the removeViewAt at the index socket i put the selection index, but in the layout socket what i suppose to put, since there are 4 different arrangements?


Hi @Juan_Antonio,
I´m here after your reply on my question at AI2 Group (The railroad question).
Nice Extension! Just a question: Is it possible load an image into a button or buttons suports only text labels?


With Buttons not images.

Try create Images, images have click


Hey friends!

I’m new at thunkable, so, what’s index?


index is an id for each component

button (1)
button (2)
button (3)


This extension is awesome!
But 2 things are missing (for me! :slight_smile: )
Fontsize and Width and Height in %
Because app wont look the same on Smartphone or Tablets !

Thank you for your great work !!!


Nice,Extension sir :pray:

Can it create webviewer sir ?