[Free] Create Buttons, Labels, TextBoxes, Images, Sliders by code. New font. Vertical Slider


you are god

just a question: i’d like to use this ext to create textbox to make the user add infinite number (maybe phone number, mobile number…)
how can i store values in textbox created by user? using “listview” block?



User can add items to list: buho, cebra, elefante,… and the by a loop create many textbox.
I you need user write in textbox and get that value, you can get that value when click over textbox.


there is no way to make an event to get all values of textbox-buttons created? (maybe a button “save”)
i saw the appybuilder extension, it has a “get text” block.
since your extension is more complete, can you add something similar?




U r great…


Thank you @_aeer


How to save all values of textbox- in one tag in listview element


Can you add long click event ?


hi @Juan_Antonio
if you are not too busy now, can you add the possibility to save values of the created elements?


Hi, super extension, great work and thanks for your time too.
Probably is my fault but I can’t change the thickness of the slider.
I tried to download your example .aia project but I see always the slider little.
I have to download some pack??
Thanks :wave::wave:


Hi @Goldking,

try these numbers:

Try only with a Button , and Screen1.Theme = Classic


Nothing, no thickness and the slider has gone to another position. I have to set the right value for margin to see the slider in the arrangement.
It’s only a test but the main project should be like this Name.aia (51.0 KB)
It’s my curiosity, the extension is so great that is a murder don’t use it to the best :joy::joy:



Do you see it in this way? Is it my .aia original? This is what i see live


hi juan, if you have time remeber to add the possibility to save values of the created elements…
i’ll make a donation for that


Hola @Diego_Marino
voy a intentar la posibilidad de save values of the created elements

¿Te refieres a poner un botón y obtener una lista de todos los textos de un TextBox?
Do you mean to put a button and get a list of all texts of a TextBox?


hi juan, great

yes, i’d like to save all values of elements created…the text of textboxes and the text of buttons
if you can maybe the position of the slider too and the value of the checkboxes (yes/no)


Hola Juan Antonio, excelente extensión!

He visto que la entrada para el alto y ancho del componente es en píxeles, creo que sería una gran mejora si se pudiera ingresar estos parámetros en porcentaje, así en distintos tamaños de pantalla el componente creado se adaptaría mejor en proporción al tamaño de la pantalla, lo que lo haría muy útil para miles de dispositivos.

Es posible crear layouts?


Hola @Franco_Rojas

si no recuerdo mal, creo que se puede poner por ejemplo:

with = DisposiciónVertical1.Ancho * 0.2

Esto haría que ese ancho sea el 20% del ancho del DisposiciónVertical1.
También se podría hacer con Screen1.

with = Screen1.Ancho * 0.2
pero es mejor hacerlo con DisposiciónVertical porque los componentes se insertan dentro de él.

No se visto lo de crear Layout, pero no se si eso tiene alguna utilidad.


sir pls add checkbox feature or block in create view