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Any text that is being saved in the form of a text file, I wanted to save it on the canvas but it is not possible
p194__selectorlista1A.aia (103.5 KB)


Thank you very much… U r Great


Sir one more help need how to edit or update qty of pcs after click on button items is possible… Pls pls help thanks


selectorlissta.aia (132.2 KB)


selectorlista.aia (132.2 KB)
Sir pls help


Sir how edit or update items after clicking button like this get value in button
selectorlista.aia (132.2 KB)


selectorlista_4.aia (132.4 KB)


Superb thanks very much u r the best developer…


Sir is it possible i want to save pcs button value in one Name tag in new listpicker and after picking Listpicker select tag get all values in its own index of button


I mean i want save all pcs index value in one name tag and after picking from listpicker get in its own index


TinyDB.aia (4.3 KB)

For example like this


Hi… How to save all button value from button in one tag possible??? Pls give examples


Whatever data text file is being saved from this list. I try that to save the canvas as text .
But did not succeed.


Amazing job… me acabas de salvar de html y javascript jajajaja.


please guide me


Thank . You are really a genius


Sir pls add checkbox feature in create view. is it possible?


hi, is it possible to set number only a textbox?


I’ll try it, intentaré ponerlo.



Now numbersOnly in TextBox:


com.KIO4_CreateView.aix (18.3 KB)