[Free] Create Buttons, Labels, TextBoxes, Images, Sliders by code. New font. Vertical Slider


Like this




Sir if possible than pls add checkbox feature


no no my means calculations
topMarg=20 , there 20 mean pixel or %
and so on
whats size of width_fill_parent = xyz ?


width = 20 are pixels
parent is Layout


thank u sir


examples.aia (18.9 KB)How to save data from listpicker pls anybody help me


Save data… but when and where?

Here save data in a file when create and when ViewClicked:


I want to save data in vertical arrangements From listpicker


Like this in create view vertical arrangements


Pls help


I want to initialize data in create view vertical arrangements which i have picked items from listpicker i wnt save this data in create view button or in label





Sir is it possible to direct save data in ur create view extensions after picking items not in file Any option


Sorry sir this is not working for me . when i opening my application items not initializing or saving as it is like this i want like this


Sir pls add this features save items in create view like button, label, textbox, add new block becz this is one of the best extensions for me
Pls pls pls




How to save 3 listpicker and three create view button



With this app,
you can Create Buttons by 3 ListPicker.
When you create Buttons, saves their names in file: /archivo.txt
When you restart app, load file /archivo.txt and create the buttons with the names saved.

p194_crear_componente_selectorlista_3.aia (103.3 KB)