[Free] Create Buttons, Labels, TextBoxes, Images, Sliders by code. New font. Vertical Slider


Sir when touch label how to get value or text from that label



You can get Label Text touch over Label in event ViewClicked, variable selection, but with this extension you can`t get Text by Property block.


Is it possible like this


why i get this area blank ?

im using like this


In topMargin = (numero-1) x 650


then whats need ?here
when i use topMargin = (numero-1) x 10
then app image overlap each other


bhaee sirf image hi show krna hai muhje


Sir is it possible create listview…


Is it possible to add button, label, texbox in listview


u want like this


S like this but i want divider in list


tb 1 labal ka use kro


Kaise pls tell


Like this


wow are u complete it ?

Nice ListView with images and new font


You can set an image with a line:

p194_crear_componentesScroll_3.aia (207.0 KB)


u are too good brother



i have some confusion about with, hight, leftMargin &topMargin .
how can Calculate it . which we want !!!
will u enplane this ?


Superb u r great sir


Sir if possible than pls add checkbox feature