[Free] Create Buttons, Labels, TextBoxes, Images, Sliders by code. New font. Vertical Slider


hi juan
i’d like to make the user to add text boxes as he likes.
so an user can create 20 textboxes. How can i store the values inside the textboxes?


no one has an idea?


Under Storage you’ll find TinyDB component. Search the forum how to use it


thx very much
actually i know tinydb, and i use sql of pedroza.

my question was exactly: if i let my user to add textbox in which he adds some value, how can i store the values in those txbox, considering that they could be 20?
i was thinking to create a list of textbox created by the user


Hola @Diego_Marino este ejemplo es similar al anterior, en vez de poner Etiquetas (Label) he puesto CajasDeTextos (TextBox)

Cuando haces una doble pulsación en el TextBox, su valor sale en la Etiqueta.

  • This examples is similar to before, when you double click over a TextBox, you get text in Label.

p194_crear_componentesScroll_TextBox.aia (204.8 KB)


Hello I am still working on my project with a vertical scroll bar. I combined your extension to create a scroll bar with taifun player by puravida apps, so I can play a song and drag the cursor to any wished position. This works perfectly, but, once the position is set, the cursor obviously stays there, even if the music is going on. I tried repositioning the cursor with a timer, but this causes the music to make a small jump by every refresh, wich sounds bad. I suppose this happens because I have to re-create each time the scroll bar. If it could be possible to just modify the cursor position maybe I would get something smoother. Thanks a lot for the great job you are doing!!!


Hi Juan Antonio
I Want To Text Align my Label At Left Horizontal And Center Vertical
And My Language is in Right to Left Direction (if it’s matter)
I did want to know how to do that With “text alignment” On The Creation block
I read The Link From Your Website That Describe What 0-6 Numbers each means but i could not Make It As i describe Above
Reference Link: https://developer.android.com/reference/android/view/View.html#attr_android:textAlignment


Hi @eyalgi11

try this code



@Juan_Antonio how can set label & image like this using this extension ?

paid list view

my means 1 create image & 3 or 4 label



that is possible with Labels.

p194_crear_componentesScroll_2.aia (205.5 KB)


Hi Juan Antonio,
Can we create lable or button line by line from up to down?
Thanks :kissing_heart:


thank you very much
Now anybody can use it as a custom list view .


Hola Juan Antonio, maybe my post got lost due to successive requests. Is it possible to modify cursor position of a slider without recreating it? I would like to monitor a song played with taifun player, so that the cursor shows the position in real time, without jumps in the reproduction.


Hi @Juan_Antonio I Did Your Advice
And It’s Give Me Image:

From 0 To 6
One Of Them Is Left Align But Not Center Vertical Align, It’s Top Align
Do You Have a Solution To This Issue



p194_crear_componente_matriz.aia (204.2 KB)

In this example index is in numeration vertical.


Try textAlignement with numbers, 16 and 17


I succeed The Number Is 19
Thanks For Your Help


With your help and some changes, I almost get my goal, but one thing. That is it continues to create button even the list is empty. Second, it likely getting some lag when the list was large.
Here is my code and the result of producing buttons for each letter of the inputted text.
If you have time, just take a look at this and help me. Thanks!


I just gave a short look to your blocks and I see two nested “for…” instructions, this will repeat the operations lots of times. I don’t understand the need for the second one (for each number…).



this code creates 1000 buttons:

p194_crear_componente_matriz_2.aia (204.5 KB)