[Free] Countdown extension

Getting error only…

You are not passing in Instants… You are passing in Strings therefore you need to use GetCountdownFromStrings…

Hi , very nice and useful extention. There is a way to increase speed time? or i have to change metod.thanks

Here is a video

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really nice…

I would like to know if the Countdown extension can manage also the miilliseconds.
I have a string where I set the time using the following format hh:mm:ss.SSS (SSS=millisec) and I would like to start the countdown process from that time to zero.
For instance, starting time = 00:02:15.000. I would like to see the countdown.

Is it possible to do that?

Thank you

As you can read in his documention within the .aix link milliseconds are not supported. Supported format is e.g. MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss . Also there is no method block for that.

@LukeGackle Does the timer continue to tick down even if the app is not running?

Hi guys. I need a coundown for only 30 seconds. I dont need date and hours. Only seconds i need. Please can someone give some exampes with blocks?

see an example at the following link

PS: for some reason I’m not allowed to post a link to my website anymore? @Domhnall what is going on?