[FREE] ComponentTransfer Extension (Test Extension)



Extension ComponentTransfer



This Extension is to change the position of the component from place to another layout.
This is a test extesnsion, I don’t think there will not be so much use using this extension.

2.Methods & Events

  • ComponentTransfer :
    fromComponent : The component to transfer. It can be any visible component.
    toArrangement : Layout to which the component should transfer.


  • Transfered : Event raised after the component changed the position.


3.Download the Extension

Download extension from below link.
com.jerin.viewtransfer.aix (6.0 KB)


Report if any bugs or errors found.
Contact me if you have any doubt regarding this extension.

Swap text on list picker
Something over another

Very nice il try it


Superb extensions


Pls share block images


Great work @Jerin_Jacob. Could you add a block where you can see in which arrangement a component currently is?


If got an idea of using your extension in a game i made just as your particle extension (thats brilliant by the way) I noticed that i for instance can transfer buttons, but i can not transfer canvases. They get invisible when i transfer them from one vertical arrangement to another.



Hi @Peter_Mathijssen,
I was unable to recreate the error, when I tested with same blocks as in the screenshot.
But another error found is, first set block is only working.