[Free] ColinTreeSlideshow Version 2 released (2017.9.24)

ColinTreeSlideshow had support asynchronous online image loading.

Thank you @MiuMiu for your advice

ColinTreeSlideshowTest.aia (314.3 KB)
ColinTreeSlideshowTest_appinventor.apk (1.8 MB)
ColinTreeSlideshowTest_thunkable.apk (2.6 MB)

Version 1 released here (2017.9.17):


great!good boy,thank you!

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ScreenOrientationChanged not work…

sorry that everything need to be set before add pictures :sweat_smile:

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please, may sample .aia fix)

SlideClick Event wont Work :frowning:

hello, are you testing the sample aia, or …?

how should someone be able to help you with this without you providing further information?


Im sorry im from Indonesia not to good to say in english, I’d tried with your sample .aia event not work, i import the extension wont work too, please help , when i clicking the slider only event swipe and swiped but slide click not work

Thank you ColinTree and taifun Too Make THUNKABLE Be a Better looked :slight_smile:

had you try many times?
my click event is decided by this rule:
There are no movement between your finger touch down and touch up.

you got a swipe event called, so it is may just because your finger moved during touching~

I’d Tried So Many times i clicked the logger fullfill the aplication until my phone goes slower, thank you for your respond, i make a try to set the treeshold to value 1. result still the sam

so does it works now?

not yet what a pitty. :frowning:

well, i had try it, it looks hard to be recognized as “click”, more often as a swipe

yes i read the logger almost nothing event of slide clicked, overall you done a greatwork !

im sorry if i dont know the concept. Thank You Very Very Much

i will make this better in the future days.
thank you for your feed back!

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Mr. Colin The SlideClick Work like a champm I test on Bluestack Ics, But on 5.x + devices not working Thank you

the click event is quite hard to be detected, cause you need to click quickly and lightly.
to fix this is a part of my work, but i m soo busy… as the new term begins. so could you please wait for a little bit more days and i will fix this :)

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is it possible to make the pictures source as a cloudstitch spreadsheet ? just store the pic. link

If you are talking about loading online images for slideshow, i can give a capital YES for you~
you just set the image link to the slideshow. and it will load it.

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