[Free] CardView Extension

How to use

Simply use Create function, just pass horizontal, vertical, horizontal scroll or vertical scroll arrangement, in which you want to add card, within “arrangement” argument and pass any visible component (component or a layout arrangement, anything) into “component” argument. That’s it!


edu.moliata.cardview.aix (5.8 KB)


Could we get some images?


Some stuff I have uploaded to Appybuilder community some too here. I am just busy to do that sorry

Hello, I tried your extension
I found that I have to create one arrangement for every component I want to display as a card?
First, I tried adding a label in the card, and it worked just fine.

Then, I tried setting new width and height for the card and this error occurred:

If I want to add an image, maybe I should prepare an arrangement with an image and a label and place that arrangement as a component. This is the result:

Then, I tried setting new width and height and this error occurred:

Maybe it wasn’t easy after all, or maybe I have to wait for the documentation


Can you please create a documentation?

I’m getting the same error as @Carlos_Pedroza

Please help!

The problem is that, I need to call removeView() if I am using a specific component, but I dont know whether view is a child or parent or something else. That’s why at the moment, I delete it from the parent, I will need to be find a better way of handling that. For now make sure to drag arrangements and components in the same place. Don’t place components inside arrangements or so

Please add a CardView.Update
and for the CardView.Create an index input so we can count the views.
Because we can’t use Create block twice for the same component.

There is no index, just make a loop and for each item in a list, do something. Also, CardView.Update is something I may take a look, but then I would also have to add id option.


That’s what I meant to mean. Id :joy:

i m getting same error…how to fix this?? anyone


It’s like the recent extension of Andres (Dendritas)?

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No, this extension allows to place components inside it, while Andres extension can only add pre-made layouts. Such as title, image and text combo or etc.


any updates??:star_struck:

What updates?

about this??

About what? This is already released and used by users. For example @Alexandru

And when I click the card?

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There are no blocks currently to catch that.