[Free] CallLog and WhatsApp utils Extension


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comparto extension que permite retornar los datos del call log y una utilidades de WhatsApp

los métodos de el callLog solo fusionan con la apk final , el companion no tiene los permisos necesarios para utilizar estos bloques.
los metodos de WhatsApp se pueden utilizar en el companion

co.com.dendritas.CallLoger.aix (13,5 KB)




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Thank you boss :slight_smile:


ola andres,

con esta extensión se puede saber si un número está unido a WhatsApp?


Hola Diego Si llamas el método que tiene el número si el numero esta lo pasa de lo contrario sale un mensaje



edit: is there any away just to know if is linked to whatsapp, without opening it?


no, pero averiguare


could be great for contact management


ola andres,


en esta ninguna


trully awesome


hi andres, if i make a donation do you work to make the possibility to know if a number has a WA account?


how to send 3 images with text?


how to add image along with text, as in taifun?


Good morning!
@Andres_Cotes, this extension does not work with http://services.appinventor.mit.edu


Debe funcionar la parte de WhatsApp la parte de call tienes que compilar el apk para que funcione


Hola. Gracias por contestar… No funciona, amigo. After compiling, the app closes.


With whatsapp the extension works if you send a camera or imagepicker input. How can you send an image from an absolute path or using @Taifun Take Screenshot Extension?


is there any way to put an image from app as whatsapp profile pic directly from the app ?


does not function Send text to a number. also Share Image is not possible? How to be selected image path of assets and of memory


thank you i used this its really useful