[Free] Button Addon extension


ok, so i can’t help you :smiley:




In normal component label you can change size text


Two labels inside ha


Perdón por no responder antes voy a trabajar en lo propones


how I change the size of the icons


Try changing button text size?


but I want to only change the size of the icon


That is a fair request but I am not sure that it is currently possible with this extension. Maybe @Andres_Cotes can tell you since he is the developer after all…


is it possible to use a css instead of a ttf?


Can you please laborate it or just give an .aia ?


hi @Andres_Cotes , could you add an “if” block? i mean, may i make this:

if buttonaddon1 icon code is x, then


Really useful extension. :heart_eyes:

But how can we use icons with long name (contains space in their name) like:
content copy, add circle


BTW, i’m checking icon names from here:


place an underscore instead of space i.e. add_circle


Hi, than you for extension. But I am trying and is not working.
instead of icon it appears the name “undo”. So the button in my smartphone shows: “undoObter meditação guiada”

I have done this:




in the “icon” socket you have to put the icon itself
this is fontawesome, after i saw you use material icon




with mouse highlight the icon (the circled one in the image below) and the copy in the socket instead of the word (your “undo”)
you’ll see a little square, and then when you use thunkable live you’l see the icon


do you have an updated ttf for fontawesome? I cant find and the link in the beginning is broken…


I tried with this,
but the image in the cellphone appears as a small rectangle with a cross inside.