[Free] Button Addon extension


co.com.dendritas.ButtonAddon.aix (8,8 KB)


co.com.dendritas.ButtonAddon.aix (9,3 KB)

Button with text and image
Add image icon next to text

Must Have Extension for Development!

This extension will reduce huge amount of assets in the app and replaces images with icons.

We can use this extension just for showing icons aswel - like back button/ settings button and etc without using any images in the assets.

Thanks @Andres_Cotes for this…


yes :slight_smile:


This is already possible without an extension…

(It works with Google’s Material icons too)


i think you can make more need extensions :wink:


El método es correcto si utilizas una sola fuente por botón , pero si detallas no es posible poner texto e icono en un solo botón que es lo que hace la estension si encuentras la manera dejame el link para publicar en el primer post


You could just use an ACSII character like this: ↶ and not even need an extension… That’s what I’ve done since I started making apps.


La imagen es solo un ejemplo pero puedes utilizar cualquier tipografĂ­a y de hecho se puede hacer en thunkable sin extensiĂłn lo que no se puede es mesclar 2 tipografĂ­as en un solo botĂłn


Hello! You can set in the input parameter a label, a button, checkbox or textbox.
Here it is an example.

You can use any icon from Material Icons, Font Awesome and Icomoon.


sorry for the noob question, so the advantage of this ext is that icons replaces images that slows loading…is it correct?
so if i have a button without image, it’s the same if i put on designer?


la real ventaja es que puedes poner icono y texto en un solo boton, textview


but the app load faster if i use icon instead of images too?


si por que caarga un solo archivo vectorizado con muchas imagenes eso hace la aplicaciĂłn mas ligera


thanks, i think is great then. i had no clue of this.

mh, i have some problems with icon code for a label…


debes configurar la tipografia de igual forma


there are some icon of font awesome not working, like instagram or maps…someone has the solution?


my font awesome ttf was outdated… what a dumb


How to set the icon from the right side but not from the left?


hi gazi, i think you have to select the text orientation of the button, from the designer


I mean that I want to set the icon from left side and the text next to it.
Button + icon
Icon + Button