[Free] BluetoothPlus Extension




Here is my released Bluetooth Extension. You can enable/disable the Bluetooth without interaction from the user, get the MacAddress and the Adapter Name.

I will add more options soon!

If you have any ideas they are always welcome!



Enable --> Enable the Bluetooth on the device*
Disable --> Disable the Bluetooth on the device*
Toggle --> Toggle the Bluetooth on the device*
AdapterName --> Return the name of the Bluetooth Adapter
HasBluetooth --> Check if the devices has Bluetooth
IsEnabled --> Check if the Bluetooth is enabled
MacAddress --> Return the Bluetooth MacAdress
ScanMode --> Return the current scan mode
State --> Return the current state

ValidateMacAddress --> Check if a Bluetooth MacAddress is valid.
ValidateUserMacAddress --> Check if a Bluetooth UserMacAddress is valid.

UseCodes --> Use codes instead of strings for returning ScanMode & State

ErrorOccurred --> triggers when there is an error.



If you want to support me, you can donate to me. It’s easy just download this app and donate :slight_smile:


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License


*Do never enable/disable Bluetooth without explicit action from the user.

How to add Bluetooth connectivity
My First Extension!
My First Extension!

You could have just edited your previous post…

Anyway, it’s good to see a lot more Thunkers making extensions for the community. Keep it up!

Also, It would be better if you created something more unique instead of re-creating something previously made.

You should also add this disclaimer to the Enable method: Bluetooth should never be enabled without direct user consent. As according to the Android documentation.



I will add it tomorrow, but almost nobody reads it.


Great @Sander0542! I’m adding your extension to the list of extensions now.


Hi @Sander0542,

Do you happen to do anything with BLE advertisements? (I’m in learn mode right now.)



@Sander0542 should look at this github repo for BLE ads.


I am going to take a look tomorrow @BillG and @pavi2410


further methods and events to include in your bluetooth extension see here
you also could copy the documentation from there /sarcasm off



Your one is Google, and his one is Yahoo!


Great work Sander!. This is a very useful extension.


Hi Sander,
Is it possible to create GPS extension without interaction aswell ?



Can you make an blutooth extension that perform an action like bluehack(bluehack is a java applications that can pair any java phones without the other user authorization, open the paired phone’s files and folder, read, copy and transfer files between phones, make phone calls etc.

Just asking because i don’t know if that is even possible with Android in the first place!


I will take a look what I can do


I will add those functions soon


I will upload version 2 in a few hours, there are more functions upcomming. :slight_smile:


I have released version 2! You can download it on the top of this topic! :slight_smile:


Hi @mannankhanabdul

This isn’t possible with android, bacause android doesn’t allow developers to enable/disable GPS


I have release version 3!




I have created a simple Bluetooth extension that can check if the users has Bluetooth and check if it is on.

I am going to add more functions soon!

Check it out here


you might want to follow the naming conventions, which is UpperCamelCase for property, method and event names (i.e. the first letter should be a capital letter) and lowerCamelCase for parameter names


Also let me recommend you to focus on extensions or new methods, which provide something new, i.e. which is currently not possible using existing blocks…