[Free] Augmented Reality Plugin on Scene3D


This AR plugin is just a gyro sensor to help you control your camera rotation. A CameraViewer comes with it to help you turn on your camera as a background. CameraViewer is referenced from

It adds a design view to it and improves some of the code to make it more suitable for combining with Scene3D.

Download Scene3D:

If you feel that the Primitives plugin that comes with it can create too few objects, you can contact me to purchase ExtendPrimitives or Loader.
ExtendPrimitives can create more objects, and there are many parameters that can be customized.
Loader can help you open 3d files in OBJ, 3DS, MD2, ASC format.

Scene3D_AR.aia (737.4 KB)

Scene3D_AR.apk (2.4 MB)

cn.zzq.Scene3D.Plugin.AR.aix (31.5 KB)

Technology (Augmented Reality)

Your app crashes on start.
Too why is the app build with app inventor ?


update cameraviewer extension


This is true, the reason is not the AR plugin problem, but I deleted the texture file, now I recreate the texture with color, please test again.

As for why build on AppInventor, because I can’t use Google in China, I can’t log in to Thunkable.

CameraViewer Extension

WOW! This is AMAZING! :+1:t4::+1:t4:
Thank you! :clap:t4::hugs:


Amazing work! i wish i had known about this earlier. i tried to make an AR type app using camera view but i couldnt overlay objects on it…thank you .


Amazing work
i’m really interesting by you’re extension, is it possible to mix it with you’re scale gesture ?
to scale the object in augmented reality.

i would like to see a demo with an obj file in Augmented reality . i don’t arrived to see the demo in you’re page here :
thanks a lot


It’s really good
is it possible to mix it with you’re scale gesture ?
to scale the object in augmented reality.

is it possible to have obj or stl in augmented reality ?


Thanks you very much.:+1:


is it possible to display texte in the scene 3D augmented reality ?
if it is how could i do it ?