[Free] Arduino USB Serial Extension



Now which version of this extension works well


latest one, which you can find on http://extensiondirectory.com


But in one of the release above in which you have made a function to set the baud rate. But in the extensiondirectory version they are not mentioning about that function


Firstly, @pavi2410 great extension. I have Leonardo (with ATmega32u4), bunch of Duemillanoves (with FTDI chip), and bundle of cheap Chinese clones of UNO based on CH340G chip. Of these, I now use the UNO clones the most as they are cheap and don’t feel to bad throwing a few away, if the main ATmega microcontroller releases magic-smoke.

I am wondering if it’d be possible to add support for CH340G chips. Note that this particular fork of Physicaloid does seem to support CH340G chip. Should be a pretty low-hanging fruit.

Also, would be great to get back the baudrate setting capability. I’d be more than happy to beta-test this extension. Hope to see a new version of this great extension sometime in near future.

Keep up the great work folks.:+1:t2:


Thanks for the link to repo! I will make an update soon.


Hi, thank you for this great extension… Your extension help open up a lot of new possibilities…

I’m sorry if this is out of topic. I want to ask if it is safe if i power arduino using otg for a long time, while i continuously power smartphone using another way?


Is this extension can be used for otg fingerprint reader ??


Any updates @pavi2410 on adding support for CH340G ?


Hi, is there a link to the Arduino sketch you are using with the aix file? I can’t seem to find it in searching this thread.




I didnt got the exact use of this extension. can we use this extension to write and complie codes on an arduino ?


Seems like this extension dont work with ARDUINO NANO . @pavi2410


Is it original or a clone?


its a clone


This doesn’t work with clones


ok thanks ! :slight_smile:


is there any extension or is it possible to write code on arduino boards using app ?


I don’t know, I will see if I find.


thanks a lot


That would be a great idea !!!