[Free] Arduino USB Serial Extension



i’m using arduino UNO didn’t work and i don’t have the ask for permission to access the USB device ​what is it the solution


Yes, same happens for me! I have official Arduino Uno R3 and it doesn’t ask for access to the USB device.


Can someone please help me with my project. What if I’ll be sending serial data from my arduino to the phone using println and the phone will open an app using activity starter (for example opens an image). Is it possible? Can you guide me with the blocks in thunkable, an example perhaps. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m using arduino UNO, otg, phone and thunkable, Is that all i need to connect my phone and arduino serially?


Visit this page to learn how to use this extension


Sir can you help me, I’m confused on how to convert what I’m thinking into blocks. Can you give me 1 example sir?
Here is the scenario:
If the arduino transmits “1”, then when the phone receives it, it will open facebook, image or anything.


Also you can watch this video by @Domhnall :


Good day sir,
I’ve already checked all of them and it works :slight_smile: I can control the LEDs from my phone.
But what I’m trying to do is the “Reverse”, I want to control my phone using the arduino.
The thing that Mr. Domhnall did was to send serial data from phone to arduino and the thing that I want to do is to send serial data from arduino to my phone.
I think I need to use the block “call Arduino .Read”. For example: if my phone reads “1” it will open an image, fb or anything.
Maybe you can guide me on how to do that sir or an example on how to use “call Arduino .Read”. Thank you sir :smiley:


You can use Read function like this

Read function returns a String value.


I can’t find the block “call Toast .ShowMessage message” from the extension in here http://extensiondirectory.com/tools/arduino-extension.html


I did find it from Simple Tools Extension by Moliata


Just use my SimpleTools extension :smiley:. Actually I think, @pavi2410 just renamed my extension to Toast.


Owww thanks for the extension sir :smiley:


Is it possible to convert that serial data “HELLO! HAVE A NICE DAY” into command?
For example if that serial data is received, activity starter will start to open facebook, or an image or play music?


You can. Make a simple if statement within Arduini program. For example: if SerialData == “something” then WriteData(something). And then on your app: if data == “something” then LaunchActivity


I’m done with the code in arduino sir but I’m confused about the if statement in the app, can you give me an example block sir.


Something like this sir:
If readData = “1” then launch Activity 1, readData = “2” then launch Activity 2, readData = “3” then launch Activity 3 etc.


You can make “Procedures” for each action and call them using “if, then and else” blocks.

And please stop saying us “sir”


hi aris, Are you from indonesia


Sorry I’m new to this. I just forgot to use the compare block, but we’re finish building it :slight_smile:
Thank you for your guidance @pavi2410 and @ILoveThunkable
@jani no, I’m from the Philippines :slight_smile:


Good day :smiley:
The program works on arduino uno, but what we really need to use is the arduino nano.
The app from thunkable can’t detect arduino nano ch340, but it can detect arduino nano ftdi; however there’s an error message “Failed resolution of: Lcom/ftdi/j2xx/D2xxManager;”. Is there anything I can do to solve this?


Thank you :slight_smile: