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@pavi2410 Ok, I just got my Arduino UNO R3 and a lot of electronical components. I will try it in 30-60min.


Sorry for being so late! Ok, just a couple more tests like 20min and I reply to this topic does it work.


Cant get it working. My phone doesn’t recognize Arduino at all, any suggestions? I am using Official Arduino UNO R3 with HAMA USB-OTG (for usb drives it works) // I am trying to do something, wait.


I’ve prepared some trouble-shooting steps over in the directory:


The main thing is that USB configuration notification is not even shown.


Do you have the USB connection set to MTP on your phone?


I am saying that :smiley:, the USB configuration notification (for changing mtp, midi, etc) is not even shown.


It should be in developer options in your settings.


Yup, Media Transfer Protocol. Any ideas? Also this extension detects by itself Arduino?


Can you share your code?



When you plug in the OTG Cable does the power LED in the Arduino light up?
Were you prompted for permission to “Allow access to the USB device”?
What happens when you shake the phone?


Arduino works pretty well. I have connected LED and a button and it works. @Domhnall any ideas?


Also, what sketch are you running on the Arduino? How are you handling the Total.text " EUR" in your code?


Right now, not. Because I don’t even get permission for “Allow access to USB device.”. @Domhnall any ideas?


It’d be really helpful if you quoted the question you are answering…

My understanding so far:

Yes - MTP is enabled.

No. No prompt appears when the app is loaded and the Arduino is then plugged in.

The power light does not illuminate when the Arduino is plugged in.[quote=“Domhnall, post:78, topic:2624”]
What happens when you shake the phone?

Not answered[quote=“Domhnall, post:78, topic:2624”]
what sketch are you running on the Arduino?

Not answered

Not answered.

Am I right to assume that when you plug your Arduino into the OTG cable connected to you phone that no lights on the Arduino turn on at all?



No, prompt never appeared (yet).

Yes, it does. Green light flashes near “ON” and orange light near “L”


[quote=“Domhnall, post:80, topic:2624”]
How are you handling the Total.text " EUR" in your [arduino] code?

@Domhnall any ideas right now? :slight_smile:


Do you have toast enabled in your app? When you shake the phone you should see messages saying something like “Initializing” and “Opened”.

On the Arduino side, you should include:

Serial.begin(9600); inside your setup function: void setup(){ }

Finally, the Serial.read() function only reads one byte at a time.

You might have better luck if you try the example that I uploaded to start with blinking the LED rather then adding the the 16x2 LCD display, it’s just another potential source of errors at this stage.


But shouldn’t my app show permission dialog?