[Free] Arduino USB Serial Extension



Does this extension work with an ESP too, because I am creating IoT devices to get temperature and stuff like that


Oh well! Now I can remove the [Test] tag :grin:


Awesome, thanks again @pavi2410. Was there any reason for removing the isOpen block? Can it be added back in future versions?


I found many methods after investigating the library source. I will add them in next version


  • IsOpen
  • Set Baud Rate


Yeah, I really like the setBaud rate, but I didn’t change it yet. I’ll do more testing over the weekend.


Thank you so much :slight_smile: I love you all :slight_smile: I tried it with appbuilder gold version :slight_smile:


Great thunkable!
Great thunkable!
Great thunkable!


Should I use ‘baud rate’ as a parameter for the ‘initialize’ block?


That sounds like a good idea. Can you design it with a default value of 9600 as this is used the majority of the time?


sorry, again:

Runtime Error: com/physicaloid/lib/usb/driver/uart/UartFtdi

ARDUINO_PRO_5V_328 but any arduino mini pro does not have the USB port, so I need a USB adapter, with the FT232RL USB adapter.


Did you try this extension or other? @Pierfrancesco_Pan


yes the last version.
I think only the driver of classic arduino UNO is ok


I’ve also some chaineese arduino nano, in this case there is the ch340 driver (USB) and only one app on google play can read theese arduinos (search ch340 on the google play).
your extension does not see theese arduino nano, no errors and no connections (really there is the connection).


Do you see Toast messages? What do they show?


arduino initialized


Runtime Error: com/physicaloid/lib/usb/driver/uart/UartFtdi


i think you should try to implement all the USB drivers used by all the arduino boards…


It’s the library, I can’t do much.


can you try this app (1) and discover the library by this other app (2)?


Now in Instructables form!


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