[Free] Arduino USB Serial Extension



That looks promising @Maxim_Ibragimov! Does anyone have atutorial or guide on how to create an extension? I am willing to try my noob hand at updating the library from @pavi2410’s source code, but any helpful hints would be very much appreciated!

I may not be able to get anything working better then current version release, but hey, at least maybe I’ll learn something right? :grin:


I have an arduino pro mini and would like to know if you managed to make the extension communicate with it?


can i use alphabets instead of using numbers in arduino usb serial extension because i have to make more than ten commands

thanks all


Can anyone please provide me with an example for the extension as the one that is already out there is for the older versions and it isn’t working for me at all , All I want is an example for the blocks


I may be able to help you out @Beshoy_Kher Can you give me some idea of what you need the code to do? What Baud rate do you plan to use?


where you found baud rate


@pavi2410 @Mongoose @Domhnall please sir help me i need read data from RS232


@ITARECHE Are you trying to find the baud rate for the sensor or trying to find where the baud rate is listed for your RS232 communications?


I Have device with BR 9600 i need only read data and but it in variable please help me : @pavi2410@Mongoose @Domhnall


Here’s what I did in one of my apps, let me know if it helps by showing the baud rate as a basic static function. It would be fairly easy to make it into a variable instead.


thanks , can you send me aia file ? @James_D


My aia is still not ready to share, I have other errors that I’m making my way through correcting. But I can help you troubleshoot your blocks if your want?


@ITARECHE I sent you a version of my proof of concept file for using the USB OTG cable to read and record data.


@James_D I need only to see data in variable only lettres not lot


I’m sorry, But i’m not understanding what you need?
Can you give me an example of the output you need?


Hello all,

I have tried to use this library to connect to Arduino Nano (VID: 0403, PID: 6001), but I am facing:
Runtime Error
Failed resolution of: Lcom/ftdi/j2xx/D2xxManager;

What steps I may do to solve the issue? I have also tried:
Serial Terminal For USB:
Which has no problems in sending/receiving data from Arduino Nano connected via OTG cable


Which version of the library did you use?
Can you post your code blocks?



I have a ask, is it compatible with CH340 ?



Simple Question How do I send non text characters to the write port using the extension?
Example is the arduino command for operating a servo is CHR(255), Servo number, Servovalue.
That is three non text numbers in sequence.


Hi all,
it seems there are same problems with not original (CH340 USB chip) Arduino board.
I have tried an app with the extention on three board: a Uno (original), a Nano and a Mega, this last two with the CH340 chip and only with the Uno my app reaches the goal.
With Nano and Mega the app seems unable to connect the boards, looping with a simple clock the connection fails repeatedly.
Here my app blocks

(Extension version 5, try with thunkable on Asus Zenfone Max)