[Free] Arduino USB Serial Extension



I created this extension for all Arduino lovers to be used in your projects. This extension has been created using Physicaloid library.

Some highlights of this extension:

  • USB-Serial communication
  • upload a firmware to an Arduino
  • support on Android 3.1 or higher (need USB Host API feature)
  • does not require ROOT
  • support USB-Serial protocols : CDC-ACM, FTDI, Silicon Labs CP210x
  • support uploading firmware protocols : STK500, STK500V2

Currently, this is just for testing which includes some basic things such as:

  • Open/Close connection
  • Read/Write from/to serial

Other features that need to be included are:

  • Upload .hex files to Arduino
  • Support for upload files from assets folder

Download Extension

com.pavitra.aix (131.8 KB) (version 5)

Source code

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Arduino Serial comm
Using Multiple Bluetooth Client!
Voice sensor and speech recognizer
It would be possible to remove the permission request

@pavi2410 this is amazing, thank you very much!

I’m AFA (away from Arduino!!) for the weekend but I’ll test it out as soon as I get back next week!


Ok, after a bit of a false start (I didn’t have a USB C OTG) I’m finally getting a chance to test this.

This is what I’m using to try and connect to the Arduino, but it doesn’t seem to connect. Is the Arduino1.Open procedure asynchronous perhaps?

This is what I’m using to send data, but since it doesn’t seem to connect properly I’m not sure whether or not these work.

I’ve tried every combination of USB settings - with/without USB debugging, MTP, PTP, USB Ethernet and even MIDI!! :joy:

If you have any pointers that would be great!


Thanks @Domhnall , your reply will help me debug this.


Unfortunately, it does not work. Connection not established.


Where is the problem?
Or are you going to publish a new update? :slight_smile:


Version 2 released

It should work now @burak @Domhnall .


can you post an aia example?
I’v tried again but nothing…


@burak uses these blocks to get everything running except IsOpen & Read blocks

Read block returns empty text.


now works this way :slight_smile: Unusual and needed plugin. :sunglasses:

Thank you @pavi2410


Thanks for the update @burak, looking forward to trying this out tomorrow @pavi2410!!


I use an arduino mini pro with a FTDI USB adapter (model: FT232RL) but I’ve Runtime Error com/physicaloid/lib/usb/driver/uart/UartFtdi

can you help me?



I need USB ID for that model


Do you know How I can find it?:scream:


Could you please explain what is the error?


I have this information: Serial Number A800ctTN , Description FT232R USB UART


I think all Arduino will have same Vendor ID so that wouldn’t be the cause


Runtime Error: com/physicaloid/lib/usb/driver/uart/UartFtdi


Which one is yours out of these four?

    ARDUINO_PRO_5V_328          (1, "pm53",ChipTypes.M328P,     UploadProtocols.STK500,   57600, ComProtocols.UART, "Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (5V, 16MHz) ATmega328"),
    ARDUINO_PRO_5V_168          (1, "pm51",ChipTypes.M168,      UploadProtocols.STK500,   19200, ComProtocols.UART, "Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (5V, 16MHz) ATmega168"),
    ARDUINO_PRO_33V_328         (1, "pm33",ChipTypes.M328P,     UploadProtocols.STK500,   57600, ComProtocols.UART, "Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (3.3V, 8MHz) ATmega328"),
    ARDUINO_PRO_33V_168         (1, "pm31",ChipTypes.M168,      UploadProtocols.STK500,   19200, ComProtocols.UART, "Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (3.3V, 8MHz) ATmega168")


Now I’m using ARDUINO_PRO_5V_328 but any arduino mini pro does not have the USB port, so I need aUSB adapter, with the FT232RL USB adapter I can use any serial monitor app on the google play, but your extension give me error :cry:

I’ve also some chaineese arduino nano, in this case there is the ch340 driver (USB) and only one app can read this (search ch340 on the google play).