[Free] Animation Color background extension

comparto extension para animar el background de los elementos
co.com.dendritas.AnimationColor.aix (7.0 KB)


Cool extension from best developer

Nice Extention. Will test it tomorrow.

Great extension! One thing I would like to see is an “after animation” event.

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Good one.Can you add endless loop for change color methods

puedes utilizar un timer y le pones el mismo tiempo de la animaciĂłn

Yes its work but its better support it in extension block so we dont need add clock.Thanks for it

EstarĂ­as dispuesto a patrocinar el metodo con 10 Dolares??

Currently using another method.I dont need it at the moment,its just suggestion.Thanks for extension


Can you show a example on how to use this extension?

@ILoveThunkable, You must be crying now, because we kicked you out of our group. So are you going to act like a little kid and saying bad stuff about us what isnt true? Or are you going to act normal and just accept that we kicked you, because you were annoying and didnt do anything


Hi @Andres_Cotes,

Thanks for this really useful extension. I’m in the process of adding it to the extension directory and noticed some “unusual” behaviour.

It seems that the majority of the blocks take HEX values for the colours, but two of your methods expect standard Thunkable colour blocks:

Would you consider renaming these two methods? Perhaps ChangeColorBG3 could be ChangeColorRGBa and instead of ChangeColorBG2 it could be something along the lines of MixRGBColors since this would better describe what they actually do?

Thanks again,



@Andres_Cotes what about modifying these methods to use the default color blocks?
remember: we already talked about that a few times…


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Hola @Taifun estoy a la espera de la actulizacion de mit sobre los colores apenas la publiquen actualizo todo


Hi @Andres_Cotes

How to make duration always run when user still open the screen

can we use this extensions blocks with screen initialize block or it’s just work with button component

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The AnimationColor extension’s method webviewer doesnt working for me. I used at input parameter Web_viewer1, for colorStart and colorEnd hexadecimal colorCodes with #, and for duration 3000. All the method is in the Screen1.initialize action. What’s the matter?
Thanks, best regards: Paul