[Free] Android Theme Extension


New MIT release supports Themes…
Release on December 27th
However, we have to wait a while before Thunklable introduces it.



que bien y mañana es mi cumpleaños


Hi @Andres_Cotes,

I used your extension today and it is working great. But when i wanted to upload the apk to Google Play it gave me the error

I deleted your extension build the apk and uploaded it to Google Play and now it is accepted. Do you know what is going wrong?


there is a badly created permit, tomorrow I fix it and send it to you leave me the mail by MP


Ok. Send you a PM :+1:


Thank you for your quick response. I was able to upload the apk to the Google Play Store. :+1:


did you upload the new version fixed on first post?


I think that we all would appreciate an updated aix on OP.

Thanks in advance @Andres_Cotes

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Andrés me podrás enviar el aix arreglado? Muchas gracias!


I am new here,

my actionbar extension problem,
and now I don’t understand that how can I use this theme?


Hola, Tengo un problema, utilizo la extensión para el button pop up del action bar pero en esa misma pantalla tengo un desplegable y este se queda sin texto o mejor dicho el texto pasa a blanco lo cual lo hace invisible, hay alguna forma de solucionarlo?


Escojer un tema orcuro o cambiar el color de texto existe una versión paga de la action bar que permite hacer esos cambios