[Free] Android Theme Extension



Hola a todos comparto esta extension

permite cambiar el thema de los inventorpor favor ver el video para entender un poco de que se trata

debe ser ejecuta el metodo en el Screen1 luego habren el Screen2 y surtira efecto el cambio del thema pueden regresarce al Screen uno y mantendra los cambios

Hi everyone I share this extension

Allows to change the thema of the inventor please see the video to understand a little that it is

Must be executed the method in Screen1 then there will be Screen2 and will take effect the change of thema can return to Screen one and will keep the changes

co.com.dendritas.AndroidThemes.aix (4,8 KB)

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good!very useful extension.


very useful extension @Andres_Cotes


Usted es un gran hombre


Very useful thanks for great work!


Very useful extension thanks


Hey, seem good but when i try with slider component, it take error…


el slider es un elemento modificado dentro de inventor pero se puede construir uno nativo



Can you add some blocks in a future version so as to control in material theme the following elements:

  • colorPrimary
  • colorPrimaryDark
  • colorAccent

I think that it would be a great addition to your extension and it would not be necessary to use other methods like this one…

Thanks :wink:


The link is a video of a sidebar and I already do the extension of the sidebar


Thank you for the extension, Andres
I think it’s making an error in androidmanifest.xml file. It’s nedeed of a permission?


voy a revisar el codigo


Hi android theme extention not working in app inventor for me on my mobile i m using android os version 6.0 if i upload app inventor aia file to thunkable and build apk then it works …why


Your Extention looks great! But it doesn’t works on me either…
It works great on companion app, but as I build my app and try to adjust theme, it doesn’t.
I’m using Samsung Galaxy S8+ (SM-G955N) and my android version is 7.0.
Also tested on SGS3 (4.4) but neither not working…


enviame los bloques


Here’s my project file.
I tried to reset screen1 with ‘close screen’ and ‘open another screen’.
Title of the screen changed, but theme doesn’t change. Did I missed something?

AndroidThemeTest.aia (24.9 KB)
AndroidThemeTest.apk (1.5 MB)


el problema esta en slider borralo y funsionara



hi mate,
can you please share an aia or some blocks screenshots for this extension also?



I Deleted Slider and List View but Theme doesn’t change. I don’t understand how to use this extention.
Can you make an example project? Than it will be better understanding.


@Andres_Cotes , hi my friend, as you can see others have problems with this extension.
you are probably busy making new things but it would help to post an aia for users of community…

thanks… :wink: :santa: