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Add simple actionbar


i mean when open another screen and put the actionbar extension but action bar same type open like home screen. So sir i want to open actionbar like this screen short and in this screen shorts many icon on the actionbar but i want to only Back botton and 3 Dot on the action bar please tell me with demo.


me falla al dar click en el boton menu aveces funciona aveces no


Hello everyone, I do not work the arrow to go back, someone else has the same problem?


Hi Andres,
I do not work the arrow to go back, how can I solve this problem?


Can v change by default mentioned “screen”??


Please speak in your native language, because we can’t understand you.


Got a solution…Thanks…




We can change it when we use this extension …Last option in design page…It’s mentioned screen and u can change like others…


y que bloques hay que poner para acceder a las pantallas de las opciones que aparecen la actionbar??
En este ejemplo, bloques para abrir la opcion “opciones” “info tecnica” y “salir”


@Andres_Cotes how can hide menu button form action-bar ?


Create an empty list instead…
And remove icon code


im telling for this


My bad… use the other create blocks available…


not getting .
what u want to say
please explain more


Call action bar 2 block , not actionbar simple


oho thanks :pray:t2:
shortly update here


white letters and white background, how can I change?


change development platform. This happens in AI2 but not in Thunkable… :wink: