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This is an awesome extension, but I have a little issue with it. The action bar has white background and white font color. I tried finding a way to change either of the colors but couldn’t. Below is what I get when I run it.



Jejejeje por dentro la extensiĂłn pueder poner cualquier color pero el mĂ©todo no es pĂșblico no pensĂ© mĂĄs tarde compilo una versiĂłn dĂłnde puedes cambiar el color de los textos


Please consider to add an option to be able to change the icon code for back button as it is possible with IconCodeConfig and IconCodeSearch

Also I found out playing with this extension that the item menu popup is displaying well on the holo and material options but it is heavily impacted by the light versions since the items font color is in white and it items text gets lost due to applying theme. is it possible to fix this?
Thanks for your time


si estoy trabajando ello en este momento apenas termine la publico


It is because at the very left of the screen is used to decide if the user did a swipe, hence no matter how hard u click it, it will just ignore, You got to click the right part of the menu button. Similarity all the buttons at the very left is not clickable, you can try yourself, like adding a check box and make its width fill parent, then try to click on that textbox tick itself.


Hello there, i want to change side icon to be back icon. can somebody help me please?


hey @Andres_Cotes I got error "native typeface cannot be made"while i am testing my app in live.so,how to solve that problem


post here ur block s


I am facing this problem. are you solved this problem please advice me how can solve this


@Andres_Cotes can you add a feature to get the height of the action bar ?
like Label1.height


56 dpi is standard


How can I change the ItemMenuPopup’ color?

I have only a white background. I can change the font color and the the background color of the Action Bar but not the colors (text and background) of the ItemMenuPopup. can someone help me?



only @Andres_Cotes can help u !


ActionBar Extension has 1 bug as i found

This does not change the text of the ActionBar Title.
i hope @Andres_Cotes shortly resolve it .




This does not change the text of the ActionBar Title.
im waiting for this Solution



you have to regenerate the action bar after setting the property through blocks


Thank you very much for saying that I have made a mistake in the setting.

Now I have given the source code together. So please see this and try to tell that I said I have made a mistake.
Hoping that you will definitely help me

ActionBarTitleTest.aia (172.9 KB)