[Free] ActionBar Extension


Andres, habrà alguna forma de que el Actionbar sea transparente?



Thanks Taifun.
@Andres_Cotes I can’t change the color of the actionbar. If I use hexadecimal color the actionbar doesn’t show…


la tienes actualizada por favor enviar una captura de bloques y propiedades y puedo ayudar


You see that everyone wants the nornal color selector?!!! Do something about it


I prefer hexadecimal color


As @Taifun said, we should follow existing philosophy. Also, there is make color block which takes rgba.


@Sander0542 y @ILoveThunkable You have used the extension in some app or your apologies are only by philosophy. The discussion ended when the mit proposed in the properties panel the custom color we are waiting for it to implement it have a pastime


Well, when they implent it your extension are still bad, because we need to wait for you to update them. So update all your extension and your upcoming ones to use the NORMAL COLOR SELECTION.


quiere decir que si utilizas la extension ??


I am using this extension and a few others with those annoying color selection. Please use the normal color Selection. In case you dont know how to convert the color to hex:



I don’t see at all, why you should be so mad for a color selection. Yes, I know that he should use normal color blocks instead of hex, but calling his color selection option stupid, is just not a smart move.


it’s not about what someone wants or prefers, it’s about the philosophy the MIT App Inventor team once chose how to work with colors…
not following this philosophy results in confusion as you can see here



You have to be rude only you would have asked for a good way “Andres I like more to work with the blocks of colors please you can add them”

And if you get a lot of frustration use the hex you can create one there is enough documentation in the community to build
Just be willing to read


I have asked nice multiple times, but all your new extensions still uses hex values


en la tarde compilo una con las 2 opciones :wink:


I did not know you used it I thought it was just for discussing an excuse


No, I was it in my new app, but now I switched to Makeroid I have those option inside the builder




I still use some other extension from you in my app like the Animation Background