[Free] ActionBar Extension


How to add search action bar and how it works? Blocks about it?


how can i change left icon? i want to use my icon is possible?


i dreamt of what thunkables woke up and did, great works.


¿Es posible tener el actionbar sin el icono de los puntitos a la derecha? Solo el icono de menu y el titulo. No lo consigo.


With lastest thunkable update, background config is always white. If text is white too it doesn’t show (white over white). Can you add background color or text color for this settings?



Yah same problem but after that update notifier looks good so plz don’t change notifier colour @Andres_Cotes


I get the same error while trying to use actionbar and sidebar V1 together since development modes are all closed for actionbar and sidebar. I download apk and check when i get the “runtime error”. Although i try on a higher version of android phone, this time i cannot see action bar menu icon.


Try to use Free Android Themes Extension . Moreover please see the following images:


Hi. There is a problem with white text and white background. According to your advices I change a theme but after that there is no a line between options in slidebar. See on the screenshots. Any solution?


set actionbar texttittleactionbar not work not change the actionbar tittle help me


Witam. Mam problem z kolorem ActionBar. Do czego służy metoda ColorBackgroundUpdate i jak jej utrzymać? Czy można oprócz tekstu dodać ikonkę?


Disable block or deleteSin%20t%C3%ADtulo


Link an action to actionbar horizontal arrangement list items…Hope it helps :grin:


image how to change color of this


Just posible paid version