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menu popup personalizado cualquier error estare atento a corregirlo

muchas gracias

MaterialIcons-Regular.zip (59.1 KB)

co.com.dendritas.Actionbar.aix (19.0 KB)
actionbar.aia (174.2 KB)

update 08/07/2017

co.com.dendritas.Actionbar.aix (19.4 KB)

update 20/07/2017

co.com.dendritas.Actionbar.aix (23,1 KB)
Roboto-Medium.zip (89,5 KB)
MaterialIcons-Regular.zip (59,1 KB)

gracias @Sander0542 por el codigo de dp

cambio de desarrollo a apk automatico gracias @Taifun


thanks. Can u upload the .aia ?

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Cool extension! However, there are some issues that need to be fixed before it’s usable.

What else I want for this:

  • Custom icon for the menu
  • Custom font size for bar
  • Custom shadow

Looks cool. Could simeone please translate. Thanks

Click on the earth icon under his post. @habboubih

This is extension is bad, it doesn’t work on my phone. the bar is not the right height, you should take a look at this @Andres_Cotes

I still prefer this tutorial more

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Even i have the same issue as Sander. Also i have smillar issue with Snackbar extention. Please provide option to set height for Snackbar also.

I think @Andres_Cotes used px for this and he has a small phone with low resolution, then 1 dp = 1 px. But for my screen 1 dp = 4 px

Probably is that he hasn’t included the density In his calculation.

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Use this piece of code to convert dp to pixels

/* DP to Pixels */
	@SimpleFunction(description = "DP to Pixels")
public double DpToPixels(int dp) {
	double density = this.context.getResources().getDisplayMetrics().density;
	double pixels = dp * density;
	return pixels;
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wonderful I will test

@Andres_Cotes In fact You are The Best developer Here, Thank you Andres, Yo Saved Me

I hope just fix bugs please, I need stable version

De hecho, usted es el mejor desarrollador aquí, gracias Andres, Yo me salvó

Espero solo corregir los errores por favor, necesito una versión estable

I would not prefer to use this extension, until he fixes it. As on different devices, it will show only half of an ActionBar.

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Hola @Sander0542 puedes por favor probar esta en tu dispositivo

muchas gracias

co.com.dendritas.Actionbar.aix (17.5 KB)


a mi me sale Runtime Error native typeface cannot be made

tienes que adjuntar la tipografía a los assets. cuando construyas el apk debes desmarcar “develoment” en propiedades

use tu aia y sale el mismo error

con el compañero o cuando construyes el apk??

al abrir la apk instalada