Force App Update



Hello :wave:

I decided to free this force update app system (like Supercell one), because some apps crashes if they don’t use latest version. So, with this system, you will require users to have latest avaliable version of your app :wink:

First, I made this system for my ChatAble app:

But I decied to free it as it can be very useful for users

It works as my Notification System:


To install it in your server and start sending notificatins:

1. Upload the files to an Apache NGINX or hosting service
2. Upload the versions.sql to PHPMyAdmin to load the database sctructure
3. Configure in index.php your access $key
4. Configure in dbconfig.php your database details
5. Configure in the .aia file your hosting details



  • Comment here any problem or doubt that you have
  • Report here any bug

How to find the newer version of app is available in Google Play store

###How to update the avaliable version

  1. Make sure you have uploaded your .apk to your UPLOAD_URL and it’s avaliable for everyone

  2. Login into PHPMyAdmin, and Insert a new row:

  3. Input your new VersionCode and type a custom VersionName to identify the version

  4. Click on accept, and you will see how users are forced tu update their app


@barreeeiroo appreciate your endless efforts for making THE MOST ESSENTIAL FEATURE - chatable app for Thunkable. Keep up the good work!


@barreeeiroo This code will only force the user to download the current version of the app right ? Will it make update the app without user consent ?


It will open the download link, but the user has to install it manually

I can add an option to open the package installer once it’s finished the download


That would be awesome fellow countryman and thanks for the notification system, it works wonders !


Thanks :+1:

I will finish ChatAble and then add the option to download the new version and open the package installer


Already updating with the package?


Currently I’m on holidays and out of home

Also, I’m working on another bigger project so I don’t have time for other this


Please add this feture on koduler


allways got this error