Floating Action Button



Yes, I want it too. It will make my apps even better.


But the problem with it is that the min SDK version will be increased from Android 4.0 to Android 5.0, because that function was developed from Android 5.0, and if you take a look to Android version users, you will ser that users that hace Android 5.0 Or higher are less than the 40%, but if you see the distributions from 4.0 to higher, are more or less the 80-90% of the devices, so you can have more users.

Source: Android Developers



You can achieve all of these effects within a canvas and you don’t really have to worry about the code becoming depricated any time soon. Canvases have z attributes for sprites thus you can set your background image as one image this could be your UI layer place invisible balls where buttons are located and then on click generate and destroy an invisible ball at the Cartesian coordinates where the touch or click event occurred on the screen. Then you add a sprite for your floating action button that is independan of your UI layer. See my Star Trek themed Educational apps here at #Successfully THUNK’d design.


Any new news about the state to intecrate this to thunkable?


Yes, there’s another form like this, but it was last year and has no conclusion, and I do want this soon!

We should be able to have floating action buttons in Thunkable. It would be very useful to have. Many people would use it in their apps, and I was wondering if @Taifun @Helios or any of you guys could build an extension for it. I have heard extensions can’t be visible, but there might be a workaround for it. If you guys can’t do it, I’m sure the @admins could add it soon. I know they’re busy with iOS, but it would be nice to get this feature as soon as possible!

[Free] Vibrate Extension

I don’t think extension could be possible for floating button…
I wish too more features to android thunkable comes soon :blush:


FABs cannot be achieved via extensions. Making one requires a great deal of XML, and you can code only with Java while working with extensions.


When you make extensions, can you edit the manifest and the app files? What can you change?



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That topic was last year, and things could have changed since then. This is a clean start.


You mean this topic?

It doesn’t matter how old the topic is, the same feature is getting requested again.

I completely agree with @helios, you could have just replied to the existing topic.

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It’s actually possible to make FAB as an extension

[Free] The ExtraComponents Extension (Beta)

Yeah I totally agree with @conor and @Helios , why to create a new topic when you can reply to the existing one and start a discussion over there


And how?
Can you write your idea how it works or how we can make one as extension?

All i found is this:

[Free] The ExtraComponents Extension (Beta)

I will soon work with @Sander0542 to make it possible.


I will try as well, but cannot guarantee anything.


Thanks guys, and sorry. I’ll create a new topic next time. Maybe we could merge them?


Yes, merging is a good idea


I have merged them.

I look forward to seeing this extension.