Flight Radar App?


Hey guys,

I’m planning on making an app for a mobile flight sim to track their positions in real time (similar to FlightRadar24 shown in the screenshot below).

I have an api and all to get the positions of the ac. But is it possible to show the multiple planes within a map screen? And is it even possible to make this sort of app?

What am I doing wrong here?

Hi @Thomas_Ralph3142, this looks really interesting - can you tell us which API you’re using?

If the response contains Lat and Lng values for each plane then this should be fairly straightforward to do with the Google Maps component and a couple of lists.


I’m using an api provided by our flight sim developers: http://infinite-flight-public-api.cloudapp.net/v1/ (more info here https://community.infinite-flight.com/t/infinite-flight-live-api/387? )
It does provide the lat and long of each aircraft. I am able to retrieve the data, however I’m unsure of how to decode it and actually add the moving positions?


Nice, thanks - I might ask them for a key, it would be fun to play around with I think. Are these real flights or sim flights? (Sorry for the noob question, I don’t know anything about Flight Simulators)

Here’s a quick primer on APIs:

I think if I was building this app I would have a clock that fired every 10 or 20 seconds and requested new data from the server.

Then you’d need to do a little bit more to make sure your app complied with the rules, but still very manageable in Thunkable


  • An API Key is required. Please contact us with your project idea to get an API key.
  • All apps are required to have a timeout feature if the app isn’t being used. We don’t want users to have the app running for hours if no-one is looking.
  • So if no action is taken for 15 minutes, have your apps stop downloading new content unless the user presses a button. (FlightRadar24 does this on their site).
  • No permanent storing of data retrieved via the API is permitted. (You cannot keep the data in your own database) If you need additional functionality from the API, please contact us).


It’s for sim flights on a mobile flight simulator


As for the map, would I just create a list ?


Hi guys. I’m trying to extract just the UserNames of people. However, my app returns this error? Have I done anything wrong?


If you like you can PM me your aia file and I’ll take a look at it for you.