[FIXED] How do you remove the sticky parenthese?

I use a very simple (but long) csv like:

Purée de marrons
Purée de p- de terre
Purée de petit-pois

and successfully parse it to get a list that I split when using it in ListView Elements:

But I still end up with a starting “(” at the first element (despite the fact that I removed the header (index=1 first element in the list):

( Purée de marrons
Purée de p- de terre

I already tested solutions from How do I remove ( ) from the list? [solved] but it doesn’t solve it for me.
For example using “replace all text” throws me the error:
The operation Elements cannot accept the arguments: , [ ...

And splitting once more breaks the list :frowning:

for 1 column csv tables don’t use the list from csv table block
instead use the split block, just split at \n to get a list

Thanks @Taifun.
I misread you and kept the split “(” and “)” in place.
It’s working fine for now.
I may come back with additionnal glitches :slight_smile:

you might want to post a screenshot of the working solution…


Boa tarde!

teria como você disponibilizar esse código do leitor de código de barras completo.