Fix the component Switch button



If you see there, the purple color comes out stronger in square shape and not with the shape of the button



1 ) please take a look at following on how to create good questions/topics:

2 ) If you provide more information it is more likely somebody can help or contribute to your topic… You didn’t include any information at all… Like how did you change the color, block screenshots, which Android version are you using,… It’s not likely someone can help you or even if it was a bug to solve it without any of these informations.

3 ) for me there is no problem with the new toggle switch at all. Neither if I set the color within the design panel nor if I set it within the blocks section:

Could it be that you used the “BackgroundColor” block instead of “TrackColor”?

Cheers, Chris


I do not need to read that documentation, because if you understood it, anyone could understand it.



if you had provided details and formulated a good question there would not have been necessity to ask further questions and link to the topic in first place. If you are not willing to spend a little time and effort in providing details and creating a good question, why should anybody be willing to spend his time answering or solving your problem. It’s “give and take” specially because nobody is charging money for this service and for the time they spend on helping people solving their problems :wink:

Please let the Thunkable devs know which Android version you are using. I have Android 8.0 and no problems but maybe the problem appears only on earlier versions. Do you use any other extensions / does this also happen if you start an app from scratch or just in one certain app?

The more details the Thunkable team gets the more likely they can help you :slight_smile:

best regards,