FirebaseAuth update (NEW FEATURES)

Hi, everybody!
Today we release the new version of FirebaseAuth #extensions.
We are working for add Facebook and Google soon.

New features
Event FirebaseAuthError for errors handler: now you don’t need to make external comparision for the status code. the extension do it for you! this event return the error message.

Event FirebaseAuthUserData: this event return the response values directly. (idToken, refreshToken, localId, email, expireIn) by @Andres_Cotes

Upper Camel Case in methods - thanks @Taifun

short package name - thanks @Hossein

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com.mirxtremapps.FirebaseAuth.aix (123.4 KB)



Nice one
Waiting for Google and Facebook.What happened to old thread?


Excelente trabalho @mirxtrem_apps!! :grinning:

Hola @mirxtrem_apps ¿dónde puedo encontrar un ejemplo de cómo funciona la nueva actualización?
Gracias de antemano :smiley:

grazie mi serviva :heart_eyes:

Nice extension

its not working for me…

i cannot have booth extension if i upload now your extension the older one gets updated. So it will not work pl change the package name bc if i change itit makes no changes.

hey guy can you pls put in a block where we can put in the api key and so on. Because at the momemt we have to put in the api key an so on in the designer screen. If we have a block for that we can hide the api key with the obfuscated block. Thanks.