Firebase Notifications



Could anyone here make a extension for firebase notifications…
I saw firebase notifications already on the thunkables competitors website soo
i thought there might be someone who could build it…
Is it Possible?


There are already a lot of topics for this. You can search in the top bar


Is there any regarding firebase extensions?


No, topics with this question


You can use Firebase component and Notification extension by @Taifun which will be same as using “Firebase Notification” extension.


Would that still require background running?


Even though if there exists “:fire: base extension”, it would also not be able to run in background.


:sweat: Ohh i thought there might be a way… anyway thanks for the info


First of all, sorry to bring up an old subject but this firebase push notification does not requiere the app to be active, this is exist in appybuilder. So it should be possible to make that into an extension


Does anyone here knows how the one in AppyBuilder works since AI apps cant run in the background?
"Once subscription is started, the app will listen to messages, even if the app is not active"


They use Services to make it work, definitely. Since they have control over their fork, they might have modified to run in the background.

As for thunkable, the team has added a push notification component on their alpha server.


Would it be possible to make that into an extension?


Nope, impossible to make background services.
PS: Releasing the "Web Viewer Dialog" extension! check out my new extension.


I don’t know much about Services as it is advanced thing. But its bad implementation can cause several issues.


Will Thunkable never be offering background push notifications any time soon then? (an official answer would be welcomed).


@thunkable team s working full time on iOS version now, but I think that when they get a stable version they are going to work on this:


how to implement this push notification in Thunkable. Please give me a solution.


There is a push notification component in thunkable beta right now