Firebase get specify tag



tell me these values, I can have each of them, because I’ll want to next screen. so I get one by one and put tynidb to use on the next screen.
Can be?




Remember that a label receives the values?
these values if you want one of them, how to get it?


The for each block takes all the items in the list and shows them as a column of value ( \n needs to go head). If you don’t need to show as a column you can save (get value) in a variable and show only which you want using the list block


knows how to render with animated spinning with notifier

  1. make a search in the community about gif or animated image
  2. Take a look at this extension EXTENSION( I never seen it but it seems very useful for you)
  3. make some pics of loading image and change them fast . Use a clock to change the image ( like an old cartoon change quick the image to animate)



are you developing his app or he does? (unless you are receiving some kind of payment…)


my friend if you need clarifications about

then you should definitely try some of the available tutorials on how to build an app using Thunkable or any other similar platform…

Here are some handy resources to start with…


No I’m only a good (stupid) patient man. I like to help but as you said @Fabrice_Taio needs to read more about thunkable and its components. I can lost time for some blocks but (as I said you) you have to know your code and settings good your app if you want it will work well.


give a man a fish and you feed him for a day
teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime


in fact, I am new to using firebase, I have been researching a lot of things and helping a lot of things, so these questions are very specific for me and ask.


I tried to do it here.
I got an image that trnaformei in gift convert to gnp and put in place of the logo but went wrong.
I need a gif image now. How can I copy the converted gif link in PNG so I can paste it into the bunch?


Hi @Fabrice_Taio,

In your first reply that including screenshot, You used two Firebases which you need one only.


I don’t understand.what?


Look here


can i get tag using value if yes then how?


Not directly. But you can call tag list and save all the value and then find the right one


haaa yes.I saw now


HI! friend
can you tell me how can take the subtag after pick in label.

after the segund pick,i want to put the subtag picked in label.
Just for remenber the subtag picked


What do you mean of “subtag”?


I get it already.someone know can do by use.

"DO You KNOW HOW to make two numbers communicate via firebase, a type of chat."I’m failing to do this.