Firebase Authentication



If I want to identify the users by letting them sign-in with email/password, Gmail, Facebook, what set up do I need to make on both Firebase and on my app? Is there any guideline I can read?

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At this moment, you can’t. Thunkable’s extensión doesn’t support firebase login. The unique form to use it is building an app using AndroidStudio

You can use this method for login with Google:


@barreeeiroo Thank you very much for your reply.

I have seen your post and tried your app. It works perfectly.

I would like to make my own setup, but I can’t figure out how to do step 3 and 4.

Step 3. Add an OAuth verification screen
Step 4. Request a new Web Credential, and fill the allower URL to your GoogleAuth folder’s path

Can you please show me to the document I can read?


@Bruger I’ve added screenshots and where to find get the verification screen and the web credential

If you need more info, checkout this video:


@barreeeiroo Thank you very much. That really helps.:+1:


Ciao @Barreeeiroo,

“Thunkable’s extensión doesn’t support firebase login” means that today it’s not possible to use in Android the same Authentication - Sign in component available in iOS for Android … and doing something like this ?

as you can guess, the purpose here is to use Thunkable for both Android and iOS app using the same authentication method ? is there any alternative authentication option, available in Thunkable, that is common for Android and iOS ?

thanks in advance,