Firebase Authentication Extension

Firebase Auth

Hi everybody, today i release new Firebase Authentication extension.

What is FirebaseAuth extension?
Sometime we need to admin users in our app, FirebaseAuth let us make a real authentication in Firebase Console. With FirebaseAuth you can manage an user account (signUp, SignIn, deleteAccount, or get User Information).
This is the first versions, we hope add Facebook, Google and Twitter LogIn.

sorry about my english. :slightly_smiling_face:

Download here:

author: @mirxtrem_apps

Stay close for next Tutorials.



Parabéns pela primeira versão da Extensão @mirxtrem_apps, continue com o bom trabalho!!

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thank you!

Quite successful! Congratulations :slight_smile:

Amazing! What can I tell more :smiley:

La mejor extensiĂłn para mi app hasta ahora, sinceramente felicidades! PodrĂ­as aclararme una duda?.. Con esta autentificaciĂłn ya nadie podrĂ­a leer los datos del usuario en la base de datos aunque tuviera la URL y el token de firebase?

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Hola, una cosa es la authentication y otra la base de datos, token es personal. no debes compartirlo en la base de datos. si otro usuario tiene tu idToken podría obtener la información de tu cuenta a través de getAccountInfo… aunque la información es solo el correo y un token nuevo pero nunca la contraseña (firebase nunca da la contraseña de regreso ). jejeje. saludos!

thank you, looks like a great extension!

you also might want to follow the naming conventions, which is UpperCamelCase for property, method and event names (i.e. the first letter should be a capital letter) and lowerCamelCase for parameter names.
Thank you.


Can we use firebase built in login for facebook google and others.

I dont know how t work with this but if we upload them to webserve and config for our usage and rediect user using webview.Can we get information using your extension

Pero ya hay alguna forma autenticar a los usuarios para firebase para no tener las bases de datos las “Rules” abierto

Yes, its posible but just wait for an extensions for firebaseDB please.


Yes its posible, i will teach in next tutorials… just wait for extension update

Hello, great extension!
I have one question. Using TinyDB, when I upload a new version of my apk the data of login erase everytime.
Using this extension for my register/login blocks will prevent the data from erasing if I upload a new apk?

*My app add new text and image content monthly

Tinydb saved and stored the Value in a folder exclusively for your App.

So if you uninstall your App then the Values stored in TinyDb for your App will be lost

If you update your App by overwriting the installation then the Values in TinyDB will not be lost.

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so put a TinyDB block in screen 1 to call firebase status… maybe can be usefull or use login first and then update data

I’m new to this extension and I got this error
code : 400
message : operation_not_allowed

what should I do??

It would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.


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Thank you … I got this I found what I did wrong , I wasn’t enabling the Email/Password in firebase

Thank for great extension,

I’m now use Firebase Auth for webviewer and it works perfectly. and I’ve tried FB Auth extension.

Not sure that there’re “Send verification email” and “Send reset email” features in this extension?

Can someone who understands the language in the tutorial video help to do a tutorial in English? Anyway to use firebase authentication extension to get the user Facebook and Gmail account?