Firebase Auth Extension Tutorial [CC]

Here is a QuickStart Guide, (closed captions) I hope to enjoy it…
Stay close and suscribe. coming soon… Facebook Auth, Google Auth, FirebaseCredentialsAuth, FirebaseStorage and FirebaseDB(only for Authenticated users).

"INVALID_EMAIL" Email with spaces, without “@”
“MISSING_PASSWORD” There is no password.
"WEAK_PASSWORD: Password should be at least 6 characters"
Password must be at least 6 characters.
“EMAIL_EXISTS” This email has already been registered.
“EMAIL_NOT_FOUND” There is no registered user with this email.
“INVALID_PASSWORD” Incorrect password.
“USER_DISABLED” The user has been disabled by the admin.


Thank you…

Does this extention allow me to use Firebase notification?

Umm? You are offtopic a lot of. Firebase Notifications & Firebase Authentication? These are 2 different things? Firebase Notifications is a notification composer. Even with it you can’t send notifs, because you need Firebase Cloud Messaging. Auth is used for login/register system

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I was just asking a simple question. I thought it would work having that this extension is using firebase sdk.

Not everyone here is as expert as you are Mr @ILoveThunkable


Even if someone will make an extension, it won’t work in background due limitations.

I am not an expert, I am just great at reading documentation:

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Can we add multiple information for users like about,nickname ,avatarurl… using Firebaseauth?

This is not posible directly in auth with email and pass. but you can ask this information and save it in FirebaseDB.
Firebase Auth Credentials coming soon(Facebook). this kind of Auth returns what you want. displayName, photoUrl. cover and more. stay close in the community and suscribe to my channel.
regards! mirxtrem apps

Its only for auth. further you can read and write in FirebaseDB Only if you are authenticated (we are working for give a new FirebaseRealtimeDatabase extension only for user auth previously )

Is this interesting extension available? Where is it the link, I cannot see it…


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Thank you very much!

Ok, I try to use the ext. and it seems it’s running smoothly when creates a new user and with all the informations returned in response from FB, already extracted from its Json list.
However when I try to store/get the data, nothing happens using the usual FB component , because the permission is denied since from the app start, even if the login block was put in Screen. Init. block, with login data already set as constants or written in Text blocks.
Anyone can clarify the use of login block and actual use of returned variables? Someone currently is using or has used this ext? Thank you

thanks @Taifun

That update is in this community too.

El firebase auth falla con el componente web haciendo que de el error de yail compiler , Podrias arreglarlo Porfavor?

Hola esta es una version que no he lanzado, podrias probarla? gracias y disculpa las molestias.
com.mirxtremapps.FirebaseAuth.aix (65.3 KB)

De momento va de escandalo no crashea y las nuevas funciones son geniales , seguire testeandola cualquier cosa te aviso , Muchas gracias por tu trabajo¡¡

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voy a probarlo tambien