Firebase and List from CSV row



I am using firebase db to get a value. the value looks as follows:

" item 1, item 2, item 3, etc"

I tried to make this into a list using csv row block (the right one) but it has no hope. I tried it on kodular and on ai2. So i copied the list from firebase and pasted it into a text block, and sure enough it works fine. This works fine in thunkable x, but i want to take advantage of the colintree list view, as i can add a photo into the list. The app will give information about films. So i can show the film name and then the photo. This works by picking a random item from list, then going back to firebase and retrieving the selected item joint with the word PHOTO, so it looks like: " filmname PHOTO"

I have a link in firebase for each film that is in the main list but firebase just hates lists in classic android app inventors.

Anyone know why?