Firebase Analytics Extension


I want to create a extension to use Firebase analytics, is there anyone who can explain me how I can make use of the Firebase SDK?



The Firebase SDK is a compilation of several services they provide. I can be of more help if you could narrow down your criteria. Which service do you want to implement as extension?

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@Helios The firebase analytics event

I got the same question:
want to create one extension using the wilddog DB (same like firebase).
and i download the SDK, it’s a jar file.
How can I use this file, and how to import the class in this file?

See the App Inventor Extensions document

See this instead

It tells you what the official docs don’t.

if you think, there is something important missing in the App Inventor extensions document, feel free to provide suggestions… Click here for a version of this page on which you can comment


Yes but this doc “How to Add a Component” fills the gap and is worth checking out

which is btw. mentioned in chapter 4 of the App Inventor extensions document
yes, it helps to read also the linked documents…


Thanks to pavi2410, that link helped a lot.

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Has anyone successfully built a firebase analytics extension?

Its not really possible. We need to have gradle support. But maybe I have found way. I am testing it now


OK great keep us up to date

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Did you get it right?

now its possible firebase analytic extension?

How To Get Firebase Analytics For My Thunkable App?

now its possible Firebase analytic extension? Please tell Me…